SAC Songwriting Challenge Week 3

Well, I did write a little ditty for a commercial, as per the assignment. It's light-hearted, fun and playful, but won't win any songwriting awards... I did work through a few different ideas (kaleidoscopes, whirlygigs, etc.), and opted for something extremely simple in the end. One game I loved as a kid was leapfrog, so that is the title of the song. I still love that game, except that as a middle-aged, out of shape weirdo, one risks getting a) stuck in an embarrassing position b) laughed at  or c) arrested. As I think about that, each option could inspire some songwriting ideas... But I digress. Time was tight for me this week. But I'm pretty sure just about everyone doing this challenge is juggling lots of commitments, so we do our best! So far, the challenges have been really fun to tackle. It's definitely interesting to see what I can come up with under pressure and with very little time. In spite of the pressure and my almost complete lack of recording/production skills, I am still REALLY enjoying these songwriting challenges. It will be interesting to see what impact these creative digressions have on my 'usual' songwriting patterns. Onward!

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