SAC Songwriting Challenge Week 4

This week's challenge was to write an edgy country pop song for a male artist, early 20s. No mention was to be made of marriage or kids.  No "partying at the lake", "trucks and tailgates" and no "bro country" vibe. I thought immediately of my favorite country song title, 'I am my own grandma.' Then I remembered my own mock country song, penned for my long time partner, 'If you leave me, I'm coming with you.' I was hoping to collaborate on this week's song, but, as usual, my week was jam packed with work, hacking ice (it's Nova Scotia) and other commitments, so I flew solo again. I resolve to co-write before the 6 weeks are up! I normally gravitate towards ballads, so I tried to at least get a bit of a beat in this one. The song is called 'Don't Underestimate Me' and is inspired by my observations of people picking on and nagging 20-somethings about how to be and how to live and what not to do. Once again, my newbie recording non-skills are evident, and I had precious little time to work on this, but I started from scratch and darn it, I met the deadline! Stop picking on me! Don't underestimate me!

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