SAC Songwriting Challenge Week 6

Merry Christmas, everybody! Ho ho ho! Well, this week I opted to write a Christmas song to see if I could shake the urge to throw my broken shovels at the nearest snow plow. Not that any of those were near my street... but that's another story. It certainly looks Christmas-y outside. Lots of snow. Biblical amounts. Was there snow in the Bible? Anyhow. The song, 'Christmas Eve,' is full of cliches and predictability... and dubious recording/production, but it's Christmas, so love me anyway, ok?! I could hear all kinds of instrumentation in my head, but I'll have to put in some serious hours on my recording skills. I was typically short on time, but I met my deadline once again. I teach time management skills, so I feel obliged to meet deadlines... Pour yourself a hot chocolate, throw in some vegetarian gelatin marshmallows, sit back, relax and dream of Christmas. Or Christmas Eve, which is always the best part, in my humble opinion. 

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