SAC Songwriting Challenge Week 5

This week's challenge was to write a song to pitch for a new series described as a 19th Century “Dexter” with a female lead. Think love, lust, hate, danger. I started from scratch, came up with a few chord progressions and melodies, and finally settled on one very simple progression, with more major chords than I'd anticipated, but I think it works. My recording/production skills still suck. Nothing new there! But I wrote my song and laid it down and met the deadline again. Happy about that. I really enjoyed this challenge. My favorite one yet! What can I say? I like melancholia. I was going to call my song 'Tonight' but thought it might be confused with the one from West Side Story.... They're so similar in every way. Practically interchangeable.... So I changed it to 'Cross That Line.' Loved this challenge. I may try to write some more slightly spooky stuff... (insert evil laughter here)

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